What are annual chemical inventories?
The chemical inventories are sent out on an annual basis to each site to be updated. The inventories are a computer-generated form comprised of the reported inventory from the prior year. If there were any changes in quantities or products, it is to be documented on this form and returned to the Environmental Compliance Branch for computer entry.

Who is responsible for completion of inventories?

Each site has been assigned a HAZMAT Coordinator, whose responsibility it is to either complete the inventories for each location or distribute them to the appropriate department for updating.  The Coordinator is also responsible for checking the inventories to ensure proper completion before returning them to the Environmental Compliance Branch. It is recommended that the Coordinator keep a copy of the inventories prior to sending through interoffice mail.

Chemical Regulations
There are Federal, State and local reporting requirements for any hazardous materials stored/used at your site. This is a requirement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Emergency Planning, Community Right-to-Know (EPCRA) and the local fire department.


What products must be included in the inventory?

The Environmental Compliance Branch is responsible for determining which products to include in the reporting requirements. It is better for your site to include non-hazardous products on the inventory if you are uncertain whether they needed to be reported.

The Environmental Compliance Branch uses the information gathered via the annual chemical inventories to complete the reporting requirements, which includes the inventory, a mapping system for the storage of the hazardous materials and the location of the Material Safety Data Sheets ( MSDS's). In addition, the inventory information is used to assure that each site has the current MSDS's or that a product(s) may need to be disposed of.

The above Chemical Inventory How-To Packet and New Products Chemical Inventory Form are for your use in educating yourself on the inventory process as well as to print out for your inventory use. Any questions, please call 303-367-3000 ext. 28682 during normal business hours.