Ventilation Equipment

All equipment must be maintained in excellent working condition and workers must be trained in the correct use of the equipment.  Employees using the equipment must report any malfunction of the equipment immediately, and the equipment must not be used until it is returned to proper working condition.


Rescue and Emergency Services

APS uses the Aurora Fire Department (AFD) to perform rescue and emergency services from confined spaces.  To familiarize AFD with our facilities and emergency needs, practice rescue operations are performed from which rescue plans are developed. 


Annual Review

The Environmental Compliance Branch performs periodic review (at least annually) of the confined space entry process and written program.  Any problems encountered during an entry operation shall be noted on the work order so that appropriate revisions to the confined space program can be made.  Annual refresher training will include any entry procedure changes that have been made to the Confined Space Program.


Multiple Employer Entry Procedures

APS must inform outside employers/contractors that enter APS facilities to perform work in confined spaces, that the area has been identified as such.  It is then the responsibility of the contractor to use their own Confined Space Program that meets the requirements established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for safe entry into the identified confined space.



The Environmental Compliance Branch office maintains all documentation regarding confined space training, entries, air monitor calibration and air monitoring results.



Compliance with the APS Confined Space Program is considered a condition of employment.  The potential hazards associated with Confined Space Entry can be serious enough to be life-threatening.  Compliance to these policies and procedures may be considered in performance evaluations.  Deviation from these policies may result in appropriate disciplinary actions.