All public and private elementary and secondary schools are required by state and federal regulations to develop and implement an asbestos management plan. The key components of the management plan are the identification of suspect building materials, sampling suspect material for/or assuming it contains asbestos, categorizing those materials into a hazard rating, and developing appropriate response actions.

Aurora Public Schools' management plan is a tool used to safeguard building occupants by minimizing the potential for exposure to airborne asbestos fibers. To make this a useful document, members of the Environmental Compliance Branch have divided the management plan into the following sections:

Section 1   Introduction*

Section 2   Designated Person*

Section 3   Inspection, Assessments, Response Actions

Section 4   Reinspection

Section 5   Floor Plans

Section 6   Sampling Photographs

Section 7   Sampling Results

Section 8   Cost and Economic Resources*

Section 9   Operation and Maintenance Program*

Section 10 Notification and Warning Labeling

Section 11 Training - Current Employees*

Section 12 Worker Protection Program*

Section 13 Fiber Release Episode*

Section 14 Air Monitoring Results

Section 15 Periodic Surveillance

Section 16 Annual Cleaning*

Section 17 Disposal, Storage and Transportation*

Section 18 Recordkeeping

Section 19 Procedures and Forms*

Section 20 Definitions*

Section 21 Correspondence and Comments

Section 22 Superseded Documents


*Contains only general information and do not include specific site details