When the District uses contractors to perform building maintenance or construction activities, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires that the contractor be notified of the presence of the asbestos-containing building material (ACM) within our buildings. The contractor must be notified of the ACM present in the area where the work will be done as well as adjacent areas. The District is required to notify contractors prior to the start of work.

Who is responsible for notifying the contractor(s)?

The person overseeing the work is responsible for notifying Environmental Compliance. To insure the work is not delayed, Environmental Compliance requests notification during the planning process. Call 303-367-3000 ext. 28682 for assistance.

Environmental Compliance is responsible for providing the notification to the contractor. The notification can be in writing or by personal communication. Below are two forms the contractor is required to understand and sign:

Contractor Acknowledgement Form 

Contractor Notification Form

Examples of Work Requiring Contractor Notification

 Electrical -- Data and voice system
HVAC -- Wall materials (drywall and plaster), flooring materials
Plumbing -- Floor tile, carpet, stair tread, ceiling materials
PA System -- Acoustical, drywall, ceiling tile
Fire Alarm System -- Remodel
Video Entry System -- Renovation