Asbestos Materials by Site


As required by the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Aurora Public Schools has developed this notification and conducted an extensive asbestos survey of all District buildings. As defined by AHERA, asbestos-containing building materials are materials which contain greater than one percent (1%) asbestos.  Click on the following links to find out what types of asbestos building materials are present within each site. If a site is not on this list, then there are no building materials containing asbestos.


Master List ACM Locations 11 28 2018

Team A ACM Locations 11 28 2018

Team B ACM Locations 11 28 2018

Team C ACM Locations 11 28 2018 


Elementary    Vaughn Auxiliary Buildings   Educational Services Center 3
Altura Virginia Court Educational Services Ctr 1 Fletcher
Arkansas Wheeling Educational Services Ctr 2 Iowa
Clyde Miller K-8 Yale Educational Services Ctr 4 Murphy Creek K-8
Crawford   Facilities Complex Paris
Dalton   Historic William Smith @ West Professional Learning Conf. Ctr.
Dartmouth Middle Schools

IT Center

Side Creek
Elkhart Aurora Hills Montview Annex Transportation Administration
Fulton Columbia Pickens Technical College Transportation Garage
Jamaica CDC East  Warehouse  Vista Peak P8
Jewell Mrachek    Vista Peak Preparation H.S.
Kenton North No asbestos was found at  William Smith High School
Lansing South the following sites:  
Laredo West Prep Academy Aurora Frontier K-8  
Lyn Knoll   Aurora Quest Academy  
Montview High Schools Boston K-8  
Park Lane Central Century  
Peoria Gateway Child Development Center  
Sable Hinkley Crossroads – Transitions & Intercept Center  
Sixth Avenue Rangeview Drivers Education