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Lead Testing in Water

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Water Faucet ImageAPS is partnering with Aurora Water to proactively sample drinking water at all APS facilities to ensure Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines are met.

Because student and staff safety is our top priority, we are voluntarily sampling water at all of our sites. This is not a mandatory requirement and we do not currently have any evidence of elevated lead levels in our water. However, we are taking this extra safety precaution to ensure that our water is safe to drink when it comes out of our faucets. Recently, there have been a number of news stories about high lead levels in drinking water.  Lead isn’t present in the water that Aurora Water sends to APS buildings, but lead can get into water as it moves through lead-containing plumbing and fixtures.

Beginning Oct. 19, we will begin to sample drinking fountains, kitchen food prep sinks, lounge sinks and any other fixtures used for drinking water in all APS buildings.  Testing will occur prior to the start of the school day.  We plan to complete sampling of all schools by the end of the school year.

Under EPA recommendations, action should be taken if lead levels are more than 20 parts per billion. We are using an even lower number of 15 parts per billion as our benchmark for action. We plan to replace fixtures, add water filters and/or start other plumbing projects if a lead level is above 15 parts per billion in any of our fixtures.   

We anticipate testing will generate more than 2,000 water samples.  Aurora Water is providing bottles for sample collection and is also conducting the laboratory analysis. 


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Latest Results of Lead Testing in Water in APS

Testing began Oct. 19, 2016. Bookmark this page to see updated results below:

Altura altura-lead-test-results
Boston K-8 Boston K-8 Lead Test Results
Century Century Lead Test Results
Crawford/Kids Clinic crawford-and-kids-clinic-lead-test-results
Dartmouth dartmouth-test-results
Early Beginnings early-beginnings-lead-test-results
Elkhart elkhart-lead-test-results
ESC 3 ESC3 Lead Test Results
Frontier K-8 Frontier Lead Test Results
Fulton fulton-lead-test-results
Jamaica CDC jamaica-cdc-lead-test-results
Kenton kenton-lead-test-results
Lansing lansing-lead-test-results
Laredo laredo-lead-test-results
Laredo CDC/Kids Clinic laredo-cdc-kids-clinic-lead-test-results
Meadowood CDC meadowood-cdc-lead-test-results
Montview Montview Lead Test Results
Montview Annex Montview Annex Lead Test Results
Mosley P-8 Mosley P-8 Lead Test Results
Murphy Creek K-8 Murphy Creek K-8 Lead Test Results
Park Lane park-lane-lead-test-results
Peoria peoria-lead-test-results
Sable sable-lead-in-water-test-results
Tollgate Tollgate Lead Test Results
Vassar vassar-test-results
Virginia Court virginia-court-lead-test-results
Yale yale-test-results

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